When Dacade met Bandolier

    I first discovered Bandolier in Miami Beach early 2018, the Emma black leather crossbody cell phone case with a pouch I used as a wallet. In my busy life filled with work and travel, it appeared to me like a life saver! I stopped constantly searching for my cell in the bottom of my bag or forgetting it everywhere I went.  I now always had it with me all day long, the strap offering me freedom of movement. What a fantastic discovery, convenience combined with style.
    Since then I have been faithful to the brand, changing styles at the same rhythm that I change my iPhone, still keeping the classic version but customizing it with key holders, pendants, pouches… etc.

    What a joy today to be able to express my creativity into this essential accessory that I don't live without! I designed 3 pieces named after my Parisian friends and family Fiona, Hélène and Simone. 2 crossbodies : 1 easy going adjustable with hooks that gives the freedom to personalize it, 1 with a pouch in suede for a chic combination and a third piece, in matte black leather, a mixture between a bag and jacket, a bridge between phone and shoes ! 
    Working with Maggie, the founder of Bandolier, who is so inspiring and enthusiastic, who welcomed my wild ideas with so much enthusiasm, has been a blast during the past year. A real Californian, sunny and fresh air in my Parisian life. Joining our 2 universes has been a real excitement and opening new doors of fashion creation for a new attitude brought me so much joy. 

    I hope you will follow me in this new adventure!
    An easy way to be hands free in a fashionable way, Bandolier you are part of my life forever !


     About Bandolier

    Bandolier, the ultimate, modern accessory fusing high fashion with high function, began in 2013 with the launch of the world's first crossbody iPhone case. Proving its life-changing, liberating and essential purpose, Bandolier celebrates the freedom and confidence derived from having their device at their fingertips at a moments notice, all the while remaining hands-free.

    When Maggie Drake met Laurence Dacade

    I have been a fan of Laurence Dacade's shoe designs for years. I was actually wearing her boots when I learned that Laurence Dacade, herself, was a Bandolier fan! I was so thrilled! I still own my first pair of Laurence Dacade ankle boots which are a staple in my wardrobe. Whether I am dressing up for a special occasion or going for a casual street vibe, my boots are the perfect fit… timeless, chic and just enough edge to complete my look. 

    Working with Laurence on this collaboration has been such a pleasure. She is fiercely creative, passionate and incredibly inspiring. From the moment I received her first round of sketches, I knew we were going to create something special. And we did!

    We are so excited to launch three new silhouettes, the Fiona and the Helene crossbody Bandoliers, and the all-new, groundbreaking SImone, a belted leather vest designed to carry your essentials as well as add an extra punch to every outfit.

    This combination of Los Angeles and Parisian style is Fashion meets function. In other words, true #bandolierstyle.
      Styles Fiona and Hélène are exclusively sell online on

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